Perfect Spring Scarf

Perfect Spring Scarf

Here in Minnesota our weather can keep you guessing well into spring. Recently we’ve had a small wave of warmer weather and it got me thinking of spring. I’ve had this beautiful Butterfly Super 10 yarn that I picked up at a thrift store of all places. It’s been in my bin for well over a year waiting for a project.

As our weather warms up here I often find that I’m in need of a scarf that’s a bit lighter this time of year. I finally had some inspiration and thought that the Pebble Lace Stitch would make a wonderful light scarf and would compliment this yarn nicely. So I sat down and got to work.

The beauty of this pattern is that it works up quickly and you can stop when it reaches the length you are looking for. I made this one quite long. I chose to do that because with the added length comes more ways to wrap and wear it.

I hope you enjoy the pattern! I will also be adding this pattern as a PDF in my ravelry shop

Spare Time Hookin


WW yarn (Butterfly Super 10 shown)

J Size hook


Yarn needle


Abbreviations used:

Ch= chain

St= stitch

Sk= skip

Sp= space

Sc= single crochet

Hdc- half double crochet

Hdc-cl – half double crochet cluster

Hdc2tog – half double crochet 2 together

Hdc3tog – half double crochet 3 together



Gauge isn’t really important with this project. Once you reach round 4 just continue on until you reach your desired length.

For Row 2:

the first hdc2tog will be worked into the 3rd and 4th chain from your hook (into the turning chain just made)

the last hdc3tog will be worked as follows, first 2 of the hdc3tog will be worked into the ch3 sp from previous row and the last will be worked into the sc st from previous row.



Ch. 14

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook *ch3, 2 hdc-cl in next ch, ch 1, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, repeat from * to end, turn

Row 2: ch 4, work hdc2tog over 3 & 4th ch from hook (working into the chain just made), ch 1, *(sc, ch3, 2hdc-cl) in next ch 3 sp, ch 1; repeat from * to last ch 3 sp, sc in last ch 3 sp, ch 2, work hdc3tog over last ch 3 sp and last sc (1st 2 of the hdc3tog are worked in to the ch 3 sp and the last in the sc st), turn

Row 3: ch 1, sc in 1st st from previous row, ch 3, 2 hdc-cl in ch 2 sp, ch 1, *(sc, ch3, 2 hdc-cl) in next ch3 sp, ch 1, repeat from * across to turning ch, sc in top of turning ch, turn

Row 4-finish: Repeat rows 2 & 3 until you reach the desired length

Finishing off:

Ending on a ch4 round.

Instead of ch4, ch 3 and sc in top of ch3 from previous row, ch 3, sc in top of next ch3, ch3, sc in top of last ch3, sc in next st and finish off.

Weave in ends.


Happy Hookin’ 🙂



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