Not my average post…

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So this is going to be far from my average post as it has nothing to do with crochet.

I was forced to set down my hooks for a long time due to some health issues I was dealing with. I had some severe wrist pain that prevented me from doing one of the things I love the most. I’m actually still having issues with it so I haven’t worked on anything new for a while and I have a lot of WIP’s that are just sitting around waiting for me to get back at it.

During this time I was also dealing with sever symptoms from my Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and have spent those years dealing with medication changes and constant blood draws to regulate my levels. The problem is that once I got my levels regulated I was still dealing with all the symptoms that come along with and under active thyroid. Things like, exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, headaches and these are just the tip of the symptom ice berg for me.

Recently, a friend of mine started talking about a line of products that were “changing lives” and I sort of giggled at it when I first saw the posts. I mean, after all, haven’t we all seen “those” products that claim to help but really just sort of do nothing? Well after seeing the 1 month results and doing more than my fair share of personal research both my husband and I decided to give it a try.

I’ve tried a lot of products over the years that claimed they would help my thyroid symptoms and surprise, none of them worked at all!

Until NOW! In the first 7 days I saw major results with my symptoms! I wasn’t needing my coffee, soda or energy drinks to keep up with my kids anymore. In fact, I didn’t even try to stop drinking those things it just happened. I actually was sleeping all night, waking up with energy and then gaining more of it throughout my day. I noticed my headaches were gone, my skin was clearing up, I had much less hair loss and dry skin. The biggest thing I noticed was the weight coming off and the inches lost! I couldn’t believe it! When my husband noticed the same things I decided to go all in and join this truly amazing company!

Are you Investing in Your Health

For the first time in 8 years I am helping with the financial aspect of our family. It feels nice to be able to contribute without taking time away from the children we worked so hard to have. Not only do I now get to help financially but I get to enjoy the time with my kids rather than spend it trying to keep up because I don’t have energy. I’m so excited to start on their Fast Relief product line to help with my wrist pain and get back to doing one of the things I love most! Crochet!!!

What Are Fast Relief CapsulesWhat is Fast Relief Cream

These products have truly changed my life and I’m so passionate about sharing them with others who can benefit in the same way. It feels great to take charge of my health and help others do the same!

If you haven’t heard about Plexus or their amazing line of Health and Wellness products I encourage you to contact me! I would love to share these life changing products with you!

New Beginning with Plexus Slim

If you or someone you know could benefit from these amazing products please contact me or follow the link below and check out some testimonials on Plexus products! With a 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to loose and so much to gain!!!


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