Simple Winters Night Cowl

moss3 photo 1

I don’t know about any other hookers out there but I am always on the hunt for a one skein pattern. They can be surprisingly difficult to find for some reason. I’ve had this yarn laying around for a while, I purchased it originally for a hat that I was working on but sometimes things just don’t work the way we would like them to and the hat was one of those times.

Needless to say I needed to find a new way to use it and since I couldn’t find anymore in the same color at the shop I decided to figure out a way to get by with just the one skein. Lucky for me it had 251 yards because I used almost all of it!

I am very happy with how it turned out and think it works so well for all those random skeins some of us have laying around.

I love the stitch because it is entirely reversible so if you want the same look with no buttons you can just hide them on the inside. Another great thing about it is the wonderful texture it gives the finished piece!

This is one that I will be wearing whenever I get the chance!

Happy Hookin’ all


If you would like to try out this free pattern please take some time to check out my Ravelry shop!




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