Star Stitch Hat



This is a pattern that I am so very proud of! I have been working on this for such a long time I felt like I would never get it finished.

This hat has a unique look that you won’t find at every craft fair you go to and will leave people asking where you got it and how they can get one!

This pattern is definitely not for beginners but if you are an intermediate or advance crocheter it will work up very quickly. I recommend watching the awesome tutorial for this stitch found at moogly

This is an awesome tutorial on the stitch and will help if you aren’t comfortable or familiar with the stitch to begin with.

I had so much fun making this pattern but I won’t lie and say there weren’t a few tears shed while trying to get it just right. I was able to find an amazing woman to test this for me and she was kind enough to write a review that I will share below:

*****Just had the pleasure of testing the Star Stitch Hat and what a fun and beautiful pattern it is. I highly recommend viewing the Star Stitch tutorial mentioned in the pattern stitches used before attempting to start this hat. Kristin’s instructions are written so well that you are able to breeze right through the pattern and have a beautiful finished hat in just a few hours. This is not a pattern for beginners but any average or experienced crocheter will not have any problems. Truly a wonderful and not your standard hat pattern. 

I am excited to offer this as my first paid pattern and truly hope that you enjoy it! If you purchase this pattern and have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will help with anything I can!


The pattern for this hat can be purchased in my Ravelry store:


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