Scrap Yarn Project


As any crocheter/knitter knows you always wind up with a ton of scrap yarn. I am constantly on the search for scrap yarn projects. Usually I take all the scraps and use them for flowers or accents of some kind or another. Well this year one of the projects I wanted to try was an afghan.

My Mother has been crocheting as long as I can remember and she makes some of the most beautiful afghans I have ever seen. I also remember seeing her work on them for what seemed like forever. Now I still don’t have nearly the skill that she does but I thought why not try making one with a super fun and sort of funky stitch? So I started searching for pictures of different styles to see which one would catch my eye. I finally narrowed it down to the bobble stitch. I don’t see this stitch used on it’s own for afghans very often so I thought I would give it a try.

I am just starting this project and am realizing quickly how much time this will take. I think this will be one of those things I work on in between other projects. It’s a great way to use up the end of those skeins I have laying around. When I started the beginning chain I totally underestimated how much longer the chain would be after adding the bobbles to it. I think I chained around 200 + chains and then began to bobble, sc 1 and repeat. So now that I am a few rows in I am seeing that when this project is finished it will probably be large enough to cover my entire King size bed. I did think about pulling it out and shortening it but I just can’t bring myself to start all over. I’m going to use it as a learning opportunity to gauge a bit better next time. But at least I know that when my family of 5 wants to snuggle up for a movie night we will all be able to fit under it.

I would love to hear what your favorite scrap yarn project is or what crochet project you are hoping to try this year. I will keep you posted on my progress as I get further along.

Happy hooking everyone!


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